Saturday, December 28, 2013

012 Chapter 1.3 B.E.N.T.

1: Narration: Office of the Director of B.E.N.T. The Bureau of Extra-Normal Transpirations.
Motto: Protect the Planet
Unofficial Motto: In trouble? Get BENT!
A mature woman is sitting behind a desk smoking through a cigarette holder. An agent stands at attention before her.
2: The Director of BENT is holding up a smartphone showing Cadi's tweet.
Director: We picked up a trans-D signal a few minutes ago. We've got a live one...
And she's... twittering.
3. The Director thinks.
Agent: "X" or "O", Madame Director?
Director: She doesn't look very... dangerous.
I'm thinking "kisses".
4. The Agent calls someone.
Agent: Get me Lucky 7.

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