Cadi (Imagina)
Cadi is a background extra in comics who is longing for something new in her 2-dimensional life. Besides wanting an adventure, she studies obscure languages and also wants to be a translator.
You can follow her on twitter at @didcadi and she takes Japanese<->English translating jobs as well.

Tressa MacRae (Mundane?)
The mysterious Tressa is a comics artist/illustrator/photographer and is an cross-dimensional adventurer as well. She travels between Mundana (the "real" world") and Märagan (another dimension closely connected with ours).
You can follow her on Instagram at  @Tressa_MacRae and she takes illustrating jobs as well.

Rockin' Heroman (Imagina)
Rockin' Heroman has come from Planet R66 to Earth to rock, roll, and kick some monster butt. He also came to escape his several ex-wives.

The Blarg (Imagina)
The Blarg is a mysterious being that came to Earth in a meteor. Was he imprisoned? Was he just hatched? What is his mysterious purpose? Will we ever know? Does anybody even care?

Deena Daniels, Director of B.E.N.T. (Mundane)
Dir. Daniels is the head of the secret organization known as B.E.N.T. (The Bureau of Extra-Normal Transpirations). It is her job to protect the Earth from extra-terrestrial and extra-dimensional threats.

Agent Gibbs (Mundane)
Right hand of Dir. Daniels. He does her dirty work and hopes to be chosen as Deputy Director someday.


Seven of The Lucky 7 (Mundane)
The Lucky 7 are a group of assassins that specialize in neutralizing supernormal threats. Seven is the juniormost member and is usually asked to handle the easier jobs. His pride and overconfidence often hinder his work, but in the end, he always get the job done.

Sept (Imagina)
Sept is an intelligent animal-like being that is more partner than pet to Seven. Sept's main job is to keep Seven on track.