Friday, November 22, 2013

007 - Prologue 7

Panel 1
Cadi is running away from a crowd. 
Cadi: Good thing I'm wearing my running shoes!

Panel 2
Cadi is running toward Tressa who is heading back into the swirling vortex of color from whence she came. 
Cadi: What I really need is some running-away-from-angry-mob shoes....

Panel 3
Tressa leaps head-first into the vortex. 
Cadi: WAIT!!

Panel 4
The Blarg's tongue reaches out to snare Cadi who tries to leap into the vortex. 

Panel 5
The Blarg has snatched Cadi's shoe!

Panel 6
The Blarg looks questioningly at the shoe while Rockin' Heroman and the mob look around for Cadi but the vortex and Cadi are nowhere to be seen!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

006 - Prologue 6


Panel 1: Rockin' Heroman, The Blarg and all the background characters are staring at Cadi in contempt.

Panel 2: Cadi looks back in trepidation.

Panel 3: A beam is shot at Cadi and she barely jumps to avoid it.

Panel 4: Everyone is running after Cadi with murder in their eyes.
Cadi: "B-B-But she's in frickin' color!"

Saturday, November 9, 2013

005 - Prologue 5


Panel 1: Cadi is oblivious to the carnage going on near her.

Panel 2: Cadi is still stuck in indecision while looking at Tressa.
In the beackground, chaos is apparently erupting.
Cadi: "Maybe I should go up and say "Hi""

Panel 3: Cadi is surprised from a voice from behind.
Voice: "HEY!"
Cadi: "Hm?"

Panel 4: Rockin' Heroman is delivering a flying kick to The Blarg, hitting him right in the side of the face. Cadi looks like she realizes she hasn't been doing her job as a background extra.
Rockin' Heroman to Cadi: "Are we boring you here!?"

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Omake - Rockin' Heroman in "Trouble on Earth"

Here you have it, our first omake strip starring Rockin' Heroman!

Title: The Completely Irregular Adventures of Rockin' Heroman

Panel 1: Rockin' Heroman (RHM) is playing guitar and singing "I'm a space rocker" when the warning buzzer on his chest begins to beep.
RHM: "hmm... Danger on Earth..."

Panel 2: RHM flies away from Rockin' Planet R66 toward Earth.
RHM: "It's time to ROCK ON with your SOCKS ON!!"

Panel 3: RHM lands on Earth and strikes a hero pose.
RHM: "HaHAHha!! Rockin' Heroman is IN THE JOINT!! BOO YAH!"

Panel 4: Three huge monsters (kaiju) are seated around a card table playing mah-jong.
Kaiju 1: "Shaddap and sit down. We need a fourth for MAH-JONG!"
RHM is surprised (and probably disappointed) that the Earth isn't in that much danger.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

004 - Prologue 4

Panel 1: A rockabilly-styled hero drops from the sky surprising The Blarg.

Panel 2: It is Rockin' Heroman in his fighting pose!

Panel 3: Rockin' Heroman delivers a rockin' straight left to The Blarg's face.

Panel 4: In the background, The Blarg responds with a flaming attack that engulfs Rockin' Heroman.
Meanwhile, Cadi is wondering what it is that's different about Tressa.

Panel 5: Cadi realizes what it is and reacts in surprise.
Cadi: "Hey! She's in color!"