Sunday, November 23, 2014

And now a word...

Thanks for you guys' support! Hex. vol. 1 is now on sale!
Check it out!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

055 2.10 Thundertwins

This ep took more preparation than usual as I had to figure out a lot of things about cannons. Our cannons are based on Falconets, actually. I was going to make them breechloaders, but changed my mind after seeing how many panels I ended up with. Anyway, Tomoko Hirabayashi makes such fascinating supporting characters that I fall in love with them time and again and have to write episodes for them.

054 2.9 Trilby Thistledown and Bunter’s Cove part 6

Trilby planned a beautiful dramatic ending last episode, but of course didn't plan her exit. Actors! Never thinking about what happens after the curtain comes down.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

050 2.5 Trilby Thistledown and Bunter’s Cove part 2

Welcome to the 50th installment of Hexenringe!
The amazing artist of Hexenringe, Tomoko Hirabayashi, created an illustration for some T-shirts to commemorate our 500th subscriber on Tapastic (now we are past 800! Woo-hoo!) and now these shirts are available in the Hexenringe store on zazzle!

Here's one of the designs:
And here's another:

One for the headbanger in you and one for the flower child in you. I won't say which is which.
Some things you just have to figure out for yourselves.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

046 Chapter 2.1 Trust

Welcome to Chapter 2!

Cadi and Tressa have picked up new party members Sheila the Mecha Honey Badger, Seven the former assassin and his sidekick Sept the... whatever Sept is. 
We've got lots of exciting things coming up and we hope you stay tuned!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

045 Omake 3 - Essential for survival

Hello, Hexenringers!
We finished up Chapter 1 last week and we decided to give you some special treats before we head in to Chapter 2. 
Mikanda is another character that we created for the background, but ended up falling in love with. She's the kind of strong female character that Tomoko and I both love and is an obvious tribute to the Jack Kirby character Kamandi who we also both love.
So why take a character that goes against the antiquated male/female roles and make her "shoe mad"? This idea came about while watching my 2-year old daughter clomp around (quite graceful clomping for a little one IMO) in her mothers shoes. There's no way that they are practical or more comfortable, but whenever she goes outside, she reaches for Mommy's shoes first.
When it comes to heroes, if every hero wore only the most practical outfit, they would all look alike and they would lose all cool factor. Batman says he's putting fear into the hearts of criminals, but we know what he really wanted was some bat-wings.
That's what I wanted to comment on. That fashion is rarely practical and is sometimes bad for your ankles and toes, but as long as you look good...

Saturday, August 23, 2014

044 Chapter 1.36 The Plan

Here it is! The end of Chapter 1! The story doesn't stop here, though! We have a few omake strips coming up in the next few weeks, then it's on to Chapter 2!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

020 Chapter 1.11 Sewers are fun...

If you're ever in the dark, there are a few sounds you don't want to hear. One is the sound of a gun being cocked, one is the theme to The Twilight Zone, and one is hissing.
I hate hissing.

On an aside. There is someone that I have intermittent contact with who is constantly hissing.
I'm serious. Every time he passes by, he is blowing air through his teeth making hissing noises unconsciously.
OR he may just speak Parseltongue.
Either way, not a very endearing trait. Just sayin'.