Saturday, December 21, 2013

011 Chapter 1.2 Selfie Time!

Tressa assumes that Cadi is unable to tweet as Cadi is a comic character and her tweets shouldn't actually work in the real Twitter. That's logical. Right? But Tressa is wrong wrong WRONG!
Finally everyone gets too see Cadi in her full-color glory! (the banner images gave a taste though).

Also, check out this great Christmas pic of Cadi done by Tomoko for the 100 Santas project!
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Thanks to everyone who's following Hexenringe! Our readership is getting slowly stronger every week! Have a great weekend and a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

1. Cadi (surprised): I'm colorized!!
Tressa: (exasperated): That's what happens when-
2. Cadi (taking the situation in): Ohoo...
3. Cadi takes a selfie!
Cadi: Selfie time!
4. Cadi is sharing her selfie.
Tressa (slightly bemused; thinking to herself): It's a good thing she can't really tweet.
SFX: Tic Tic
5. Mysterious older woman is checking out Cadi's tweet.

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