Thursday, November 7, 2013

Omake - Rockin' Heroman in "Trouble on Earth"

Here you have it, our first omake strip starring Rockin' Heroman!

Title: The Completely Irregular Adventures of Rockin' Heroman

Panel 1: Rockin' Heroman (RHM) is playing guitar and singing "I'm a space rocker" when the warning buzzer on his chest begins to beep.
RHM: "hmm... Danger on Earth..."

Panel 2: RHM flies away from Rockin' Planet R66 toward Earth.
RHM: "It's time to ROCK ON with your SOCKS ON!!"

Panel 3: RHM lands on Earth and strikes a hero pose.
RHM: "HaHAHha!! Rockin' Heroman is IN THE JOINT!! BOO YAH!"

Panel 4: Three huge monsters (kaiju) are seated around a card table playing mah-jong.
Kaiju 1: "Shaddap and sit down. We need a fourth for MAH-JONG!"
RHM is surprised (and probably disappointed) that the Earth isn't in that much danger.

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