Friday, November 22, 2013

007 - Prologue 7

Panel 1
Cadi is running away from a crowd. 
Cadi: Good thing I'm wearing my running shoes!

Panel 2
Cadi is running toward Tressa who is heading back into the swirling vortex of color from whence she came. 
Cadi: What I really need is some running-away-from-angry-mob shoes....

Panel 3
Tressa leaps head-first into the vortex. 
Cadi: WAIT!!

Panel 4
The Blarg's tongue reaches out to snare Cadi who tries to leap into the vortex. 

Panel 5
The Blarg has snatched Cadi's shoe!

Panel 6
The Blarg looks questioningly at the shoe while Rockin' Heroman and the mob look around for Cadi but the vortex and Cadi are nowhere to be seen!

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