Sunday, October 20, 2013

002 - Prologue 2

English transcript:

Panel 1:
A crack forms in the meteor.

Panel 2:
A monster (The Blarg) erupts from the meteor and threatens to attack the crowd.
The Blarg: RRRRR
Cadi is running with the crowd, but is still lost in her thoughts.
Cadi: Being a background extra is great and all, but I just think I was meant for something... bigger.

Panel 3: People are running in panic. A splash of color grabs Cadi's attention. It should because her world is in black and white.

Panel 4: A whirling vortex of color appears with someone (also color) inside as a surprised Cadi watches.

Panel 5: The woman from the vortex (Tressa) runs past Cadi.
Cadi: (thinking to herself) Hello!


  1. Welcome back to the second installment of Hexenringe just in time for tomorrow's int'l comic event with special guest Juanjo Guarnido, artist of Blacksad.

  2. Thanks! Tomoko is amazing. I can never complement her enough. I usually just gush like a geyser over her stuff. Really excited to be on this project with her.