Sunday, October 20, 2013

002 - Prologue 2

English transcript:

Panel 1:
A crack forms in the meteor.

Panel 2:
A monster (The Blarg) erupts from the meteor and threatens to attack the crowd.
The Blarg: RRRRR
Cadi is running with the crowd, but is still lost in her thoughts.
Cadi: Being a background extra is great and all, but I just think I was meant for something... bigger.

Panel 3: People are running in panic. A splash of color grabs Cadi's attention. It should because her world is in black and white.

Panel 4: A whirling vortex of color appears with someone (also color) inside as a surprised Cadi watches.

Panel 5: The woman from the vortex (Tressa) runs past Cadi.
Cadi: (thinking to herself) Hello!