Sunday, August 31, 2014

045 Omake 3 - Essential for survival

Hello, Hexenringers!
We finished up Chapter 1 last week and we decided to give you some special treats before we head in to Chapter 2. 
Mikanda is another character that we created for the background, but ended up falling in love with. She's the kind of strong female character that Tomoko and I both love and is an obvious tribute to the Jack Kirby character Kamandi who we also both love.
So why take a character that goes against the antiquated male/female roles and make her "shoe mad"? This idea came about while watching my 2-year old daughter clomp around (quite graceful clomping for a little one IMO) in her mothers shoes. There's no way that they are practical or more comfortable, but whenever she goes outside, she reaches for Mommy's shoes first.
When it comes to heroes, if every hero wore only the most practical outfit, they would all look alike and they would lose all cool factor. Batman says he's putting fear into the hearts of criminals, but we know what he really wanted was some bat-wings.
That's what I wanted to comment on. That fashion is rarely practical and is sometimes bad for your ankles and toes, but as long as you look good...

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